Founded in 2004, IPGoal is dedicated to mixed signal IP development and design services. The annual growth rate of company’s revenue was kept more than 300 percent in the past. We are the first...
>> IPGoal Joins NEPCON West China Summit 2015 in Chengdu
>> IPGoal Joins TSMC 2015 Technology Symposium in Shanghai
>> IPGoal Joins IC China 2014 in Shanghai

In May 2012, a  USB3.0 Superspeed PHY IP core developed by IPGoal Microelectronics(sichuan)  has passed  the electrical compliance test that conducted by ALLION Labs(Taiwan)  under the authorization of USB IF. In mainland china, It is the first, and for time being the only USB 3.0 PHY IP that passed this compliance test . IPGoal, the major PHY IP provider in China’s USB2.0 market , is now ready to evolve the next generation of USB technology. Currently, IPgoal is working closely with her IP customers in this area, a few USB3.0 projects  like external storage, USB camera and thumb-driver are undergoing now.. The USB3.0 specification enabled 5Gbps data transmission, which in theory is ten times faster than USB2.0,   also it is backward compatible with USB2.0 standard.  ...
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